Welcome to the website of our Swiss Society for Cognitive and Behavioural Neurology (SSCBN).

What is Behavioural Neurology? Behavioural Neurology is a subspecialty of neurology that studies the impact of neurological injury or disease on memory, language, praxis, cognition, emotion and social behaviour.

Our approach focuses on the patient, their individualized care and appropriate treatment, which is why it is necessary to continuously improve diagnostic methods and therapeutic interventions. We develop guidelines that are essential for the further education of physicians, and we collaborate closely with related disciplines and institutions. The members of our society are not only neurologists, but also non-medical specialists in fields related to neurology such as neuropsychology and neuroscience.

One of our primary goals is to teach neurologists the skills of neurobehavioural assessment so that they can practice it in their clinical routine. In addition, we aim to provide state-of-the-art knowledge on more detailed neuropsychological tests and brain-imaging results, and discuss the latest diagnostic-therapeutic approaches to neurological disorders associated with behavioural / cognitive symptoms. Neurobehavioural assessment, e.g. in severe traumatic brain injury can begin as early as the acute phase and needs close observation of motor behaviour, indicative of the underlying damage.

How are we organised as a society? How can you become a member? On our website, you will find answers to these and many other questions, and if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Prof Karin Diserens
President of the Swiss Society for Cognitive and Behavioural Neurology